Alto's Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an award-winning side-scrolling runner where we snowboard down endless steep hills while avoiding obstacles, doing tricks to gain speed, and capturing items to get a higher score.

As we skate down the hills and drift on everything from cables to ceilings, the goal is to collect as many coins as possible before crashing. To avoid obstacles or reach pieces of gold, we can execute perfectly timed jumps with a simple tap, or tap and hold to spin. This gets increasingly fun as we go faster and faster downhill.

The game’s art-style is great, the controls are well-calibrated, and the neat music, atmosphere, and setting create a very relaxing experience. Although the gameplay is slightly repetitive, it’s also fun, easy to pick up, and super challenging – especially if you want to claim a spot on the leaderboards or survive for a long time.

Alto’s Adventure is a $4.99 premium game on iOS. On Android, it’s free to play, with a $1.99 iAP to remove occasional 5-second ads and other iAPs to get cosmetics or a bag of coins – none of which is necessary to fully enjoy the game.

Alto’s Adventure is a truly great game within the genre, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a game to kill some time, relax, and have lots of fun with.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 10 Feb, 2016
Last updated: 19 Jan, 2023
Game size: 130 MB