Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Bad North: Jotunn Edition is an excellent real-time strategy game with beautiful minimalistic graphics and elements of roguelite gameplay.

The core gameplay has us use our limited resources to stop the Viking hoards that are attacking our islands. The first islands we defend are attacked by basic troops, but as the game progresses, the attackers slowly become tougher to handle in numbers and strength. Each campaign’s map and islands are procedurally generated, making every playthrough unique.

Starting with two basic militia squads, we can upgrade them to archers, swordsmen, or pikemen as we progress. Different island types play to different unit strengths, so while archers come in handy on hilly terrains, they will likely be massacred on flat ground. And when they die, they are gone for good and very hard to replace - so we need to be extremely strategic about unit types. When all our units are dead, we have to start a new campaign.

The artwork is gorgeous, and swiping around the island whilst analyzing the terrain is a joy. The game truly conjures an Early Medieval atmosphere in a minimalist but highly effective way. Similarly, the music is limited to the occasional Viking horn, but brilliantly builds up a sense of foreboding and tension.

The only problem with this superb game is the bugs. Loading saved games can take a very long time once you are halfway through a campaign, and the game will occasionally slow down until it breaks to a halt and crashes.

Bugs aside, Bad North is a must-try for any fan of real-time strategy. It can be played in short bursts or longer sessions, and as this is a $5.49 premium game on Android and $4.99 on iOS, there are no intrusive ads.


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Anecia,03 Apr, 2023

Superior TD, lots of content and a deep progression system. The gameplay is great, artwork is simple and the soundtrack is unique - mod files from scene group installers/keygens/cracks. There's a loot system that I don't use, so I can confirm that it's optional, but it is all accessible without paying and adds further depth, I'm just happy swimming in the shallow side.

Robert ,21 Oct, 2021

Lovely game i would say, the simple design and towers have very cool experience and upgrading systems and a huge research tree which i like too

Billy R,21 Oct, 2021

Amazing indie game, very simple but challenging in many ways, strategic and cool them songs to listen to while playing, 40 storyline maps based on a o kay story line, i love this game very much

Dzik ,25 Jul, 2021

Been playing this for months - brilliant TD game

Rhea,24 Jul, 2021

Excellent tower defense game. Simple easy visuals to track what's going on and some fun progression with various upgrades for your towers. Great soundtrack too. Highly recommended especially if you are already into tower defense games. 9/10

WAYNE,12 Jul, 2021

Jogo muito bom tem uma comunidade ativa e legal, tem muita coisa pra desbloquear e roda até em calculadora

Ernecie,27 May, 2021

This was the best TD game on mobile, with a killer soundtrack and an expansive tech tree that offered hundreds of hours of gameplay. Sadly, about a year ago the dev added random blueprint drops to the game (or you can purchase chests for $$$) that are mandatory to progress. Brilliant game that is forever irreparably ruined by grindy, unnecessary mechanics now.

BASIC,18 Aug, 2020

The game is very good, addictive you can say, sometimes I imagine this game with multiplayer mode although I think it is difficult for a defense game since it is infinite, but the next update with a lot of desire, I do not want to pressure the developers to the they add this game mode is just a suggestion

Kristen,27 Jul, 2020

Fantastic game, lots of replay value, each level has its own set of achievements!

Ajee,26 Jul, 2020

Best TD I ever tried

Clare ,26 Jul, 2020

Best TD I ever tried

Sergej,19 Jul, 2020

Good game

Richard Mills ,12 Jul, 2020

Fun tower defense, a lot of upgrades, constant updates and a lot of fun overall

Summer,09 Jul, 2020


Taofeeq,06 Jul, 2020

Great game, specially if you like TD games this is for you.


Release date: 16 Oct, 2019
Last updated: 04 Feb, 2021
Game size: 295 MB