Brotato: Premium

Brotato is a fun and unique reverse bullet-hell roguelike game from the publisher of 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

While the core gameplay loop is similar to that found in Vampire Survivors or Magic Survival, Brotato differs by letting us equip multiple weapons and buy stat-modifying items instead of unlocking and upgrading abilities in each run – a twist that quickly makes the gameplay chaotically fun.

We start by picking one of 30+ characters with distinct stats that make a big difference. Then we select our starting weapon and get thrown straight into a relatively small map where we must survive waves of enemies storming at us from all sides.

But this is where it gets interesting, because after every completed wave, we get to pick one of four random power-ups that improve our stats. We’re then taken to a shop where we can spend the currency we’ve earned on additional wacky weapons, and items that improve our power in different ways.

Like in most similar games, our hero attacks automatically, while we simply use a big joystick to run around and avoid all the enemies. The objective is to survive 20 waves and defeat the frustratingly powerful boss at the end.

While there’s no permanent progression apart from unlocking new characters, the replayability is decently high thanks to the sheer number of characters and almost unlimited ways to combine weapons and items to create unique builds.

Brotato is a $4.99 premium game without ads or iAPs. The fact that we’re altering our stats through items instead of unlocking abilities really spoke to my inner RPG fan, and it personally makes Brotato one of my favorites in the genre.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


trelicia,27 Jul, 2021

One of the best games I've played on phone If you pay to remove the ads there is not much other problems with this game. Really fun and enjoyable

LaDez,16 Dec, 2020

Honestly a fun game, but they adjusted the ads to where you get a 30 second ad after almost everything you do. It used to be much less and I even supported them with some purchases. Between then and now (retrying the game to see what's new) it's gone downhill.

Antony,26 Aug, 2020

Pw2. Frequent LONG ads. Lootboxes. Time gates. Stay away.

Aydren,15 Aug, 2020

I have put this game on and off for many times but I don't know why I don't like this game. If I had neutral type button maybe I would have choose it. gameplay is quite repetitive and you need to spend some good time grinding in game to earn good tools and something to play strategically, in starting you will be bored seeing player's using same strategy with same layouts

darius,27 Jul, 2020

Zeptoplabs does it again with a great title. The game is great, however progression is blocked by time. Building the machines and watching them fight is really fun, but everytime you rank up which gives access to stronger parts, and in this way you plateu at every stage as you wait for new loot boxes to open up so that you can rank up more. I wish time wasn't stopping me from enjoying a good game, but it's a tried and true monetization method that they have truly mastered.

Linda L,26 Jul, 2020

I will be honest it's a great game but ads ruined it for me.

Brant,05 Jun, 2020

Fun strategy sim. A lot of reply ability as you're often at the hands of the RNG.

Otmar,05 Jun, 2020

Gameplay is really fun, progression is p2w but advancing through the game is not impossible without paying for IAPs

tacora,28 Mar, 2020

Once you get past wooden items you quickly start to realize that your design doesn't matter if your opponent has better equipment. Grinding for items takes forever and in the end, a guy with a sawblade in the front will kill you anyways because his weapons are more powerful. Avoid if you dislike p2w


Release date: 27 Mar, 2023
Last updated: 12 May, 2023
Game size: 176 MB