Candy Disaster TD (Full Ver.)

Candy Disaster TD is a unique tower defense strategy game centered around placing springboards, wall spikes, human cannons, and other wacky traps to defeat waves of enemies.

The game is split into a series of campaign levels with three difficulty tiers. Before entering a level, we pick nine traps to take into battle, some of which can be positioned on the ground, while others must be placed on walls. Equal for all of them is that they cost gold, which we earn through slaying enemies – either by reducing their HP to zero or pushing them into water.

There are lots of traps to pick from, and they can even interact, such as a huge fan blowing a strong wind that changes the direction of an arrow shot by a crossbow. Combined with the fact that many levels include moving objects to place traps on, this creates a high level of strategic freedom.

Between levels, we can spend a currency earned through gameplay on permanently leveling up our traps. Every level-up provides an enhancement point that can be spent on improving individual stats, such as the trap’s price, damage, or cool-down. And the further we get, the more traps we unlock.

The cute art-style, great animations, mini boss-fights, and small story being told through cutscenes help create a great atmosphere and overall setting for the game.

Candy Disaster TD is a $4.99 premium game. A free version also exists, but that one is heavily monetized with many incentivized ads that provide a great help, a life-based energy system, and several iAPs for more traps and resources.

Ultimately, it’s a great tower defense game with a refreshing trap-over-towers focus that I’ve had a lot of fun with. The free version is held back by its monetization, though, so I recommend the paid version. Unfortunately, both require online access.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 25 Mar, 2022
Last updated: 04 Feb, 2023
Game size: 495 MB