Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike Metroidvania soulsborne sidescroller. The main mechanics of the game is to make our way through procedurally generated dungeons, killing enemies and collecting cells along the way.

Cells are used to buy permanent upgrades for our warrior. If we die before reaching the end of a stage, we must start all over with only the chosen upgrades intact. Combined with the large range of available weaponry, this creates a fun and challenging gameplay experience full of fast-paced combat. The risk of death and loss of the coveted cells creatures truly adrenaline-rushing gameplay moments.

The amazing pixel art-style is well-designed and the fluid movement and animations perfectly compliment the brutal combat.

Dead Cells is a $8.99 premium game with a single iAP for a DLC pack. Due to the sheer amount of gameplay value, the game is well worth the price. Especially if you are a fan of metroidvania souls-like games.

UPDATE REGARDING DLC: Playdigious has done a great job with its first paid DLC called "The Bad Seed". This expansion adds three new biomes, accessed in the early game as an optional route after Prisoners Quarters, the first game area. The core gameplay remains the same, but in addition to the three new well-detailed environments, the expansion also adds new weapons, abilities, enemies, and a boss.

At $3.99, the "The Bad Seed" DLC is a great addition to the base game and the frequent free content updates that give the game a long lifespan.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Kasey,31 Mar, 2022

I was hooked on the first one for a long time without knowing they're making sequels for it so imagine my surprise when turns out there's already a third one. First of all this game just feels sleek, I love the little intros they did with each circuits and GPs, made it immersive. For the gameplay, they spoiled us here with 3 different types of motorsport each with their own quirks. The there's a lot of other aspects like business aspect, research, developing supply chain, and my favorite the Young Driver program, which is really satisfying when you finally got the perfect driver for cheap.

Daren,19 Aug, 2021


cecilio,06 May, 2021

I played every game from this series, enjoyed them a lot

felisha,30 Jan, 2021

Really good simulation game. The replay value can die off when you've achieved all possible upgrades

Shayna,20 Jan, 2021

Perfect Motorsport manager game. Worth every penny.

Tracy/Katey,19 Aug, 2020

My "go to game" when im travelling with no internet connection.

shanon,14 Aug, 2020

I'd give this game a solid 9. It's the perfect premium mobile game. It has enough depth, the graphics are great, the soundtrack is awesome.

Precious,14 Aug, 2020

The offline Motorsport Manager Games are a real treat. I usually play a career when flying or traveling with a train for a long time. Really in depth but easy to learn.


Release date: 02 Jun, 2020
Last updated: 06 Apr, 2023
Game size: 668 MB