Devolver Tumble Time

Devolver Tumble Time is a chain-building gacha puzzle game similar to Disney Tsum Tsum – except its roster of characters with unique abilities are all pulled from games published by Devolver Digital.

The core puzzle mechanic consists of a circular play area filled with character balls. We tap and hold on a ball to generate a chain that expands to include any matching balls in close proximity. When we release, the chain clears and more balls fall in from the top.

Longer chains can also generate bombs that clear more balls and provide additional bonuses. Each level has a goal of how many characters, chains, or bombs must be cleared within a certain time limit, and how many of the game's six different in-game currencies must be collected. Selecting the right character to play as, and strategically using their abilities, is critical to clearing these goals.

These currencies, which include apples and socks, are part of the self-aware humor and games industry satire that Devolver is known for. For example, after upgrading a character, the game teases us by saying that "this does almost nothing" and invites us to "go share on Twitter if you think people care".

The game's humor also includes many nods to its "elegant monetization, and strategic brand integration", referring to its non-premium gacha pulls as "trash pulls".

Devolver Tumble Time monetizes through iAPs up to $4.99 for more of the in-game currency used to unlock characters, and incentivized ads to extend the time limit of a level. An energy system also prevents long play-sessions, although it can be disabled via a single $2.99 iAP. Thankfully, all the characters can be acquired through gameplay, so the free-to-play experience isn’t horrible.

The core chain-building is solid and very satisfying, with enough visual and audio charm for that “one more round” addictiveness. If you're a fan of casual puzzle games and aren't bothered by the game using the exact monetization models it satirizes, Devolver Tumble Time is an enjoyable experience.


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Release date: 24 Jan, 2023
Last updated: 11 Feb, 2023
Game size: 229 MB