Dragon Quest 2: Luminaries of the Legendary Line is the second game in this classic JRPG series where we play as the descendants of a fabled hero and must save our land from the forces of evil once more.

Luckily, having played the first game is in no way necessary as the games take place generations apart and aren’t directly tied.

The core gameplay, however, is just like in the first Dragon Quest game. This means talking to NPCs in town to collect items that progress the story, and fighting monsters in both the overworld and dungeons. The combat itself remains turn-based, but unlike in the predecessor, we now fight waves of enemies with our party of three heroes.

The party members all serve different purposes. Our main character is a warrior archetype that can use the strongest weapons and armor in the game, the second party member is a battle-mage, and the final member is a mage who can’t equip much but learns very powerful spells.

This remaster of the original game features improved graphics and quality-of-life features, but not much else has changed from the 1987 version. The graphics, music, and actual gameplay are timeless and fun, but admittedly fairly barebones with not much variety. This means the game has a strong retro charm, but also that it gets repetitive pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no controller support, so we’re left with using a very basic on-screen joystick, not to mention that it only plays in portrait mode. Another potential issue is that almost all the in-game dialogue is written in Shakespearean English, which makes the game challenging for non-native English speakers.

Dragon Quest 2 is a $4.99 premium game. It’s a wonderful classic JRPG experience with about 15 hours of gameplay. Old-school gamers are sure to enjoy this one.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 08 Oct, 2014
Game size: 50 MB