Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare is a Tower Defense game with physics-based towers and a $2.99 price tag. There is no in-game store, no premium currency, no energy system, no additional iAPs. Just plain and fun (and extremely difficult) gameplay.

Throughout the game’s 50 levels our objective is to defeat monsters coming our way by placing different kinds of trap towers. From damage-dealing traps to physics based push / pull traps that can throw monsters into the water or the void, there are many interesting combinations we can use to beat a level.

The level design in Dungeon Warfare is astonishing and forces us to carefully consider which traps to bring with us into a level. Some levels are won by dealing raw damage, others by utilizing physics-based traps. In most levels, winning requires a combination of both things, and we often end up dying over and over before understanding how to take advantage of each level’s design.

Before entering a level, we select runes that make the game harder, easier, or even endless. Daring to play Dungeon Warfare on maximum difficulty (all hard runes enabled) is an amazing experience. There is absolutely no room for errors, and the gameplay is extremely intense.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 23 Aug, 2016
Last updated: 13 Apr, 2023
Game size: 87 MB