Freedoom is an open-source port of the legendary first-person shooter “DOOM” from 1993, and it offers a fast-paced action experience where we run through surreal dungeons while shooting demonic monsters left and right with a variety of weapons.

The source code of DOOM was made public in 1997, and since then, a lot of ports have been made for almost every operating system. Freedoom is one of the best Android ports of the game. It demonstrates good performance, an easy-to-use resource manager, lots of graphical and gameplay tweaks, and, most importantly, a comfortable and highly customizable control scheme that includes controller support.

Unfortunately, only the source code is publicly available. The rest of the game, including all visuals, sounds, music, and level designs, are still copyright-protected. For that reason, the developers of Freedoom have made entirely new assets for part I and II of the game. I personally think they look worse than the original game’s assets, but since external data files can be imported, all original games, like DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Hexen, and all unofficial expansions and custom maps will work without any issues.

Freedoom is free not only in name, as it has no ads or iAPs. So, if you want to experience an undying classic on your mobile device, you should definitely install this port.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 12 Jan, 2018
Last updated: 20 Jun, 2019
Game size: 46 MB