Imagzle Brain test Quiz Trivia

Imagzle is a humorous picture-based trivia game where we are shown a picture and have to guess the word that relates to it.

While the concept sounds simple on paper, the right answer is often not as straightforward as it may seem, and finding it frequently requires thinking outside the box. The quizzes are split into various themes, such as mythology, music, and pop-culture, and since very few of us have deep knowledge about all of these themes, the game directly encourages looking for clues online that may help us advance tricky levels. Some may enjoy this hunt for answers, while others may find it frustrating, but it’s an integral part of the gameplay experience.

What helps set Imagzle apart from other trivia games is just how humorous it is, with texts that make fun of the player shown throughout the quizzes. The level design is also well-made and as an interesting extra twist, additional levels can even be unlocked using passwords found outside of the game, like on Instagram and Telegram.

Imagzle monetizes by selling tips to help solve challenging levels and through a donation button to support the developer directly. The hints don’t provide a direct answer that lets us instantly finish a level, which helps keep the game fair for free players. It’s one of the best trivia games on mobile and a must-play for those looking for a truly challenging game that forces you to research the answers.


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Kimberlisa ,29 Jan, 2023



Release date: 14 Feb, 2019
Last updated: 23 Oct, 2022
Game size: 48 MB