Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the second installment in the popular Kingdom Rush tower defense franchise. This time, we are called to defend the Eastern territories of Linirea from the attacks of bandits, wolves, and weird creatures of all sorts.

Each level is composed of a path, and our objective is to ensure that no enemy makes it past the defenses we place alongside the path. As in the predecessor, we also get to control and move around a main hero who helps defend and gains experience in each level.

Unlike the original game, the experience our hero gains never resets, and we can train all heroes until they reach level 10. This is the only mechanics that sets Frontiers apart from the original game, as every other element is identical.

As we get past more and more levels, the enemies start to become stronger, but so do our towers and units that we upgrade as we progress. Overall, the game is challenging, but the balanced game mechanics make it fun and never too infuriatingly difficult.

We build, sell, and upgrade towers exactly like in the first game, and many of our towers still spawn units that block the path. Late-game levels certainly still benefit from artillery towers, but they are thankfully not as necessary as in the predecessor.

The cartoony art style is similar to the original game, but the towers, heroes, and the majority of the enemies are completely new.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a $1.99 game that monetizes through optional iAPs to unlock additional heroes or gems that can be exchanged for consumables that make the gameplay easier. Thankfully, free gems are also awarded at the end of each level, and the three free heroes we unlock as we progress are more than enough for a full game experience.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Saint,16 Feb, 2022

I like the game

Lesly,19 Feb, 2021

Great Game! You might not believe me but I have almost 1000 hours on it. (Samsung Game Launcher displays hours) There's not too many player so I managed to get into the German world cup team which was really amazing. Sadly the next World Cup is cancelled now due to many reasons and probably the E-Sports scene is dead with this.. It's still a really cool game the devs put out quite good updates even though veery slow. Once you get past low rank lobbies the game has a really really high skill ceiling, even if it might not look like it at first. If you are looking for a competitive mobile shooter other than PUBG, CODM or Fortnite this is the one.


Release date: 25 Sep, 2013
Last updated: 31 Oct, 2022
Game size: 278 MB