Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD Game

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a challenging tower defense game where we use our dark army to invade and conquer the kingdoms of the realm.

With waves of enemies marching toward our base, our objective is to build towers along the sides of the tracks to attack them. What sets the Kingdom Rush series apart from most other tower defense games, however, is that we also control a hero unit who can walk around the map and use abilities to help clear the waves.

Many of our towers spawn melee units that help slow down our enemies. Meanwhile, it’s our ranged towers’ job to destroy everything before we start leaking enemies and losing lives.

At times, the number of buttons to press and units to control can get pretty intense and make Kingdom Rush feel more like playing against computers in a classic RTS like StarCraft.

The game features lots of different levels with challenging path setups and enemies. Beating these levels unlocks new towers, heroes, gems, and even points used to level up our abilities.

The gameplay is made even more challenging because we can only place towers in designated spots on the map. This means we need to carefully strategize what to place and where to get the best rating in each level.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is a $4.99 premium game with iAPs to unlock more heroes and towers and buy more of the gems we also earn through gameplay. Since it’s the hero mechanic that truly makes this game shine and there are a ton of interesting-looking premium heroes, it’s a bit unfortunate that they can only be unlocked through iAPs.

Vengeance is a very enjoyable addition to the unique RTS-like Kingdom Rush series. For fans of the franchise, it’s an obvious buy, but new players may want to try the free game first.


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Release date: 21 Nov, 2018
Last updated: 24 Oct, 2022
Game size: 845 MB