Kloot Arena

Kloot Arena is a unique PvP arcade game that introduces a dark and hardcore setting to the classic schoolyard “marbles” game.

The game is played over two rounds, with each player having five marbles. The objective is to destroy or knock out our opponent’s marbles while strategically positioning our own for future turns.

As an extra layer of depth, the game features 11 unique characters, called "masks", that are each equipped with their own attacks. We can select two masks for each battle and switch between them during the rounds, emphasizing the importance of team composition and proper utilization of the environment, including the hazards and edges we can push the opponent off.

The controls in Kloot Arena are simple but come with a unique twist that deliberately creates a sense of risk vs. reward. Because while we can slow down our character to gain more control, it comes at the cost of sacrificing some of our much-needed power.

Unlocking characters is very free-to-play friendly, allowing us to obtain the full roster in just a few hours. And the absence of ads – except for optional reward boosts after matches – enables uninterrupted extended gameplay sessions.

One big downside is that fully upgrading all characters and base marbles requires significant grinding. So despite the quick unlocking process, paying players have a pay-to-progress-faster advantage. This is made worse by a low player base, which negatively impacts the fairness of the matchmaking.

Kloot Arena monetizes via various iAPs up to $49.99 to speed up progression and unlock unique cosmetics.

Overall, Kloot Arena provides a fun and distinctive take on the classic Marbles game. But since there are no single-player options, its enjoyment depends on the longevity of the player base.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Olga,27 May, 2021

Game has solid systems, is funny at times, and will deliver a solid 5-10 hours of fun, strategic gameplay. However, the art style really is hit or miss, and for me it was what ultimately made me stop wanting to play it. If you look at the screenshots and aren't bothered by the art, go ahead and pick it up.

Preston,26 Aug, 2020

It's gooooood. But text on phones is just too small. Sadly it's not updated anymore.

NATOYA,24 Aug, 2020

The game is cool to play at least once. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated for a while and probably never will. Cloud save feature is missing as well.

Lela,24 Aug, 2020

This is a very nice game that will entertain you for a while. Highly recommend.


Release date: 20 Jun, 2023
Last updated: 13 Jul, 2023
Game size: 927 MB