Luck be a Landlord

Luck be a Landlord is a roguelike "deck-building" strategy game where we use a fancy slot machine to pay the ever-growing rent prices of our crooked landlord.

On each turn, we spin the slot machine and receive a payout based on the symbols it shows. The symbols are picked randomly from our limited inventory and often give bonuses based on their placement in relation to other symbols. For example, bees give additional coins if they end up near flowers, miners destroy adjacent ores and give diamonds instead, keys unlock chests with random treasures, and so on.

After spinning the machine, we get to pick one of three random symbols to add to our inventory. And this is where the strategy kicks in because the goal is to not only fill our inventory with the most expensive symbols, but pick the ones that have the most synergies with the symbols we already own.

After a few spins, we must pay a certain number of coins to our landlord, or lose the game. This number increases each time, forcing us to constantly grow our income. While it sounds simple, it takes a lot of retries to fully understand the game’s mechanics, figure out which symbol combinations to aim for, and learn how to efficiently use tokens to remove weak symbols from our inventory.

Winning unlocks harder difficulties with unique mechanics and tougher challenges. We even get to eventually confront the final boss - the Landlord himself. There is also an endless mode with no distinct goals.

Luck be a Landlord is a $4.99 premium game without ads or iAPs.

Its randomness creates a high level of replayability, and the abundance of achievements takes a long while to complete. Even after completing it, it can also still be enjoyed as an occasional game, which makes it perfect for mobile.


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Release date: 30 Jun, 2023
Last updated: 27 Aug, 2023
Game size: 105 MB