Majotori is a fun story-based trivia game in which we affect the lives of different characters by answering geeky pop-culture questions.

One at a time, we follow the story of several characters that each have a burning wish and a major struggle to overcome. At the most crucial point of each story, a witch appears, offering to solve the character’s problems if they win a game of nine trivia questions. Answering correctly increases the probability to resolve the struggle in the character's favor. No matter the outcome, the story continues, leading to new, often unpredictable, events.

The game tests our fundamental knowledge of physics, biology, history, medicine, as well as our familiarity with popular music, television, anime, and video games culture. Although the game is rather old, it still receives updates to keep the questions relevant and correct. Even if we fail to correctly answer all the questions, it’s amusing to see how the story unfolds when the characters don’t get their wish fulfilled.

Majotori is a $2.99 premium game without ads or iAPs. It is very well-made and offers a unique trivia experience that should appeal to all the fans of the genre.


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Release date: 28 Mar, 2017
Last updated: 03 Oct, 2022
Game size: 126 MB