MannaRites Fantasy Beat Em Up

MannaRites is an RPG “beat ‘em up” adventure game in which we kick bad guys' faces to gain experience and learn how to kick their faces even more effectively.

Our objective is to complete a number of levels by running, jumping, blocking, swinging our weapon at enemies, and executing deadly combos. As we level up, we learn new skills that increase our survivability, teach us complex maneuvers, and allow us to cast magic spells.

Part of what makes the game incredibly fun is that each of our available characters has a distinct set of moves that enable a unique playstyle.

The enemies we fight vary in appearance and tactics. Some wear heavy armor and resist damage, some toss us around like a bag of sand, while others shoot from afar. They also utilize scummy tactics such as forming a circle around us to attack from all sides, forcing us to either mindlessly spam the most effective move, or learn how to properly block and parry. Unfortunately, the poor controls make the former the most viable option.

In-between levels, we use a mini-map to freely roam the world, talk to inhabitants, complete side quests, and visit various locations where dangerous enemies lurk. We may even get ambushed by scouting parties mid-way, but the fact that these fights let us find new pieces of gear makes traveling worthwhile.

Aside from the main storyline, the game features an advanced adventure mode with a bunch of missions, an arena where we fight progressively harder enemies, and some additional user-created content. There is even co-op multiplayer, but I was not able to make it work on mobile.

MannaRites is completely free, without ads or iAPs. It has everything a good fighting game needs, but the lack of polish may prevent it from becoming an all-time favorite hit. Yet, it's still worth checking out.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


ohaiji,25 Jun, 2020

very addictive, don t be too far away from a power source, drain battery quickly. good game that will take lots of hours away from your life :)


Release date: 31 Aug, 2021
Last updated: 19 Jul, 2022
Game size: 179 MB