Morphite Premium - Sci Fi FPS

Morphite is a story-driven space exploration FPS adventure that has us travel through the universe to engage in space battles, explore new planets, study plant and animal life, and solve mysteries about ancient civilizations.

The gameplay consists of two phases. The first takes place in space, where we use a star map to navigate our ship between solar systems and planets while carefully managing our fuel and engaging in occasional combat sequences. During this phase, our success greatly depends on our ship’s characteristics, which can be upgraded using credits earned through gameplay.

The second phase begins when we land on new planets or dock at space stations. This part of the game is played in a first-person perspective. Here, we travel randomly generated environments to study local flora and fauna with our scanner, collect valuable minerals, talk to locals, and shoot hostile inhabitants with our blaster.

The game has a nice low-poly art-style full of vibrant colors and synthetic music, which creates the perfect futuristic atmosphere for a space adventure. It also features an engaging story that drives the narrative, lots of planets to visit, a rich variety of species to study, numerous quests to complete, and even quick mini-games to participate in.

Although the gameplay becomes repetitive over time, this variety prevents the game from becoming boring. Besides, as we progress, we can install ship upgrades that provide access to previously unreachable areas of the universe, incentivizing us to explore planets outside of the main storyline.

Mortphite is a $7.99 premium game. On Android, there’s also a free version with ads and iAPs to disable the ads. No matter which one you pick, it will definitely appeal to you if you are a fan of the space exploration genre.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Jesus,26 Feb, 2021

It's decent. The downside is that you have to watch a ton of ads to get a real currency flow going. As soon as I open the app I watch 5 ads to double the idle bonuses, then I'll probably be offered 3 ads between levels for the next 5 turns or so to maximize gameplay bonuses. Progress isn't too bad if you can tolerate that. It helps to then focus on one upgrade at a time. Air tank upgrades helps you see more kinds of fish, harpoon upgrades are needed to actually catch them, boat upgrades get you new areas. It's cute and fun if you like shooting fish in a barrel.


Release date: 10 Apr, 2020
Last updated: 10 Jun, 2020
Game size: 425 MB