Nightstream is an incredibly unique forward runner with a great futuristic art-style and both story and endless game-modes. Sitting at less than 100k downloads, it’s also a bit of a hidden gem.

The game has us surf through a sci-fi city on a hovering surfboard while avoiding obstacles and enemies. But what truly sets it apart is that we’re not limited to moving in the typical three lanes found in most other runners. Instead, we can surf on literally any surface – even the walls and roof – by swiping to freely and gradually move our character from side to side or up and down.

The control system allows for super precise movement, and the freedom it creates is perfectly utilized by the level design to make an awesome gameplay experience where we can even fall off the tracks if we’re not careful.

Along the way, we pick-up powerups, such as coin magnets, and missiles that fire at the drones that occasionally try to take us down. Although some players might find the campaign missions too difficult and lengthy, they can at least freely be replayed since there is no energy system limiting us.

Nightstream monetizes through occasional ads and then iAPs up to $4.99 to remove the ads and instantly acquire more in-game currency used to buy vanity cosmetics for both our character and surfboard. Since the same currency is earned through gameplay, the monetization is very relaxed, and no purchase is necessary to enjoy the game.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Rama,19 Jan, 2021

Im more of a neutral here, there is fun to be had here since this game tries to separate itself from most battle royales by getting to ride in a mecha. The gameplay is fun, but I dont like how maps are made for mechas since its too wide and empty. Everything else is expected from net ease and the they handle games.

MONICA,09 Dec, 2020

This feels and runs EXACTLY like every single other NetEase BR + 1 gimmick. It's not bad, but it isn't good either. It's very samey and you can immediately tell that half if not more of the lobby is bots. The actual mecha controls are wonky and the mechas are horribly unbalanced. This is like every other NE BR except with even more pay to win elements.

Tasha,16 Jun, 2020

An incredibly fun battle royale. Playing as the mech of your choice is the unique feature of this BR. Definitely one of the best of its genre and I used to play religiously. However, the big negative of the game is that the community is full of toxic children.

EllRob,14 Jun, 2020

I've played it for about 2-3 months and is was one of the better Battle Royale games. It's incredibly fun. Seeing huge mecha battles was awesome too. But, the playerbase shrinked quite a bit over time.

Shalita,13 Jun, 2020

I played this about 6 months ago. It's a battle royal like 4tnite, but instead of building, you jump in a giant mech. Pay for new playable characters. Pay for new mechs. Pay for skins. Battlepass and seasons. Very fun gameplay. Heart racing battles. Smooth controls. Not bad, but a money pit.


Release date: 30 Apr, 2019
Last updated: 31 Jul, 2019
Game size: 494 MB