Pickle Pete: Survivor

Pickle Pete is a reverse bullet-hell roguelike that combines the over-the-top chaotic gameplay of Brotato with the permanent character progression of Archero for a surprisingly fun gameplay experience.

The objective is to survive 10 time-limited waves of enemy attacks, return home, and then continue to the next chapter. During each wave, we control our pickle character with a large joystick while it auto-shoots at any enemies in range.

After every wave, we get to first pick one of three random stat-boosts if we leveled up during the wave, and then spend the pickles we’ve collected on buying weapons and items. Just like in Brotato, we can equip six weapons at a time, which quickly makes the gameplay chaotically fun.

If we get two of the same item, we can even merge them to increase the rarity, which makes it a lot stronger. I found the weapons to be decently diverse, and it’s entertaining to experiment with everything from snipers to magic wands, anvils, turrets, and drones.

After defeating the boss in wave 10, we receive gold and permanent items. In-between runs, we equip and upgrade these items to grow stronger, and buy stat boosts. All this permanent progression makes the game feel slightly more rewarding than Brotato.

Playing normal runs requires energy that we eventually run out of. Thankfully, the game also features a daily mission game mode, a competitive endless mode, and several challenge modes that are almost entire games on their own. Most of these don’t require any energy.

The art and animations are silly but neat, and I found it particularly nice that we can see where an enemy is about to spawn.

Pickle Pete monetizes via incentivized ads to revive, receive extra gold, or refresh the shop. There are also iAPs for items and a paid battle pass, but none of this is needed to progress at a decent pace.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Manuel,28 Apr, 2021

Very fun game that plays extremely well on mobile. If you like pokemon and/or the monster hunter series this game is a must try. While the $19.99 for full game is a bit steep I ended up purchasing because of the quality of this port. Only downside is no controller support, but honestly the default phone controls are extremely good. Definitely worth a shot!


Release date: 24 Jan, 2023
Last updated: 19 May, 2023
Game size: 248 MB