Pokémon UNITE

Pokemon Unite is the iconic franchise's venture into the MOBA space and it has us battle it out in online multiplayer matches across ranked, casual, and a variety of rotating game modes that feature slight changes to the standard ruleset.

The primary mode pits two teams of five players on a map split into two halves that each contains several goal zones. During the match, we defeat wild NPC Pokémon and opposing player’s Pokémon to collect the energy orbs they drop. We then deposit that energy into one of our opponents’ goal zones to score points for our team. As we collect energy, our Pokémon also level up, evolve, and gain new abilities to use during battle. At the end of the game, the team with the most points win.

After each match, we are awarded trainer experience and coins that can be used to purchase goodies from the in-game shop, including newly added Pokémon. The game also features a premium currency that can be used to purchase anything in the shop, from new Pokémon to Boosters and even direct power-upgrade items. On release, the monetization scheme of Pokémon Unite has been heavily criticized for its direct pay-to-win mechanic.

The game is even fully cross-platform, with players on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch being able to play together. The two most surprising additions to the game, however, are features that allow our AFK teammates to be controlled by an NPC and voice communication that lets us talk with our teammates in real-time throughout the match.

Overall, Pokémon Unite is an interesting take on the MOBA genre – despite the usual daily missions and seasonal battle basses. Its primary flaw is the monetization and limited gameplay options, but the game remains a welcoming entry for any Pokémon fanatic who wants to enjoy a casual take on the genre using the iconic franchise’s monsters.


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  • Monetization


Release date: 21 Sep, 2021
Last updated: 02 Dec, 2022
Game size: 1750 MB