Rift Rapture: Roguelike FPS

Rift Rapture is a roguelike first-person shooter where we play increasingly tougher randomly generated maps while gradually unlocking better weapons and stats.

Each map is full of different enemies, ranging from humans with guns to powerful turrets. Using our dual-equipped weapons and two joysticks, we move around and simply aim at the enemies to shoot them. The goal in each map is to get to the portal at the end so we can escape.

But this is where it gets interesting because when we reach the portal, we can choose to escape with all our resources – or double them and continue to a harder map. I like this system, but after a few maps, we’re forced to return home, which is a shame as I often wanted to continue for longer.

At our home base, we buy or upgrade our weapons, purchase grenades, and increase our starting ammo. This part of the game is relatively deep, and there are even character skills we can upgrade. The biggest downside is that we’re never told exactly how much each upgrade improves our stats.

The art style is a bit bland and lifeless, and the enemies all feel too similar. Thankfully, it seems new enemy types are still being introduced, such as the turrets that were added a few weeks ago.

Rift Rapture monetizes via occasional forced ads, incentivized ads to revive and gain larger rewards, and iAPs to remove the ads or buy extra resources. If you like the game, I suggest paying $2 to remove the ads, as it creates a better experience.

While the game isn’t as polished and feature-rich as Gunfire Reborn, it’s one of very few FPS roguelikes on mobile, so I’m sure some will enjoy it. I feel like the game has the potential to become great – it just needs more polish and content.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 12 May, 2023
Last updated: 01 Jul, 2023
Game size: 182 MB