Roto Force

Roto Force is an amazing run-and-gun twin-stick shooter with incredible boss designs, great humor, and an ever-changing retro art style that blew me away.

The game is split into missions with 11 rounds of attacks that we must survive by defeating all the enemies and bosses. In each mission, we run left and right to move around on the inside of circular, triangular, or square-shaped one-screen levels. And whenever we move, the entire level rotates alongside us.

The left-side joystick is used for moving and to instantly dash to other sides of the level, while the right-side joystick is used to aim our weapons. And since some enemies have shields that we must break with a dash before we can hit them with our weapons, constant movement is incredibly important.

As we progress, we also acquire new weapons that instantly replace our previous weapon. Another neat feature is that we start with five hearts but can pick up additional hearts and use them as ammo for a charged-up super dash that destroys most things.

The gameplay is rather challenging, but we can always restart at the last round. In fact, the game can be as difficult or easy as you want. It has accessibility settings that make us invincible or slow down the game to make it easier, and for the hardcore completionists, there are modifiers that only unlock after beating an entire stage without taking any damage.

The boss designs are fantastic, with unique behavior and intricate attacks that even alter the color scheme of the game, creating a highly immersive experience.

Roto Force is free to try for the first mission, with a single $4.99 iAP unlocking the full game. So often, genuinely unique gameplay mechanics and controls unintentionally end up creating a bad experience, but that’s not the case in Roto Force, and that’s why I have fallen in love with it.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Slawomir,16 May, 2023

Free with no ads/iap. I really want to give a shout out to the guy voicing the background radio for really pulling it all together.

Dawanna,28 Oct, 2022

Excellent game, only con is that there is no "Save Game" so if you leave during a play, your progeress gets deleted. This is extremely annoying for mobile gaming.

Beranda,07 Jul, 2022

My all time favorite mobile game. It is enjoyable and makes you think and strategize, but can also be up to chance. Worth the download.

harris,03 Jun, 2022

Lots of fun, can be a bit repetitive but it's a great timekiller. Not too easy and not too hard so the difficult balance is just right

Krystin,31 Mar, 2022

Definitely one of the best solitaire game in the play store, the devs are basically doing charity work for releasing this for free. For starters I love the aesthetic of the game, I'm a huge fan of lovecraftian cosmic horror which didn't get adapted into game enough so this game is just my stuff. And more importantly, the game is have a great replay value, trying to figure out ways to unlock the next gods is a whole lot of fun Or the resource management aspect that is pretty unusual for a card game, but here it's implemented well.

Surendar,10 Nov, 2021

Good gameplay, but lacking content. Nothing to do after summoning all gods.

Tramaine,03 Jan, 2021

It has nice gamplay and always has something to give a challenge or a reward try it see for yourself!

Strejaru,16 Oct, 2020

This game has always been one of my favorites. I download delete and download again over and over because it's a genuinely amazing game. The fact that it has iAP or any sort of payment system is amazing.

Julissa,21 Sep, 2020

A very interesting game, albeit being a university project it's quite short and since the team went their separate ways now, even the most basic and crippling bug won't be addressed now. Still, for those looking for a nice resource management game this one is an easy recommendation.

Samar,14 Sep, 2020

This game is amazing, I 100% completed it twice and want to do it again. Basically, it's a deck(hand)-building roguelike where every run you're trying to unlock different gods with their useful abilities.


Release date: 11 Jul, 2023
Game size: 88 MB