Spitkiss is a charming one-finger platformer that tells an unconventional story about unconventional love between our character and two potential partners whose affection we fight for.

It’s a challenging journey across eighty organ-themed levels full of hazardous obstacles, which we attempt to survive while trying to choose between our two potential mates.

We take control of Spitkiss, a small spitwad that we swipe and release to have cling to walls, soar through the air, and deliver romantic messages. The rhythm of clinging to and darting off walls while avoiding death traps is snappy and satisfying to pull off. And the “bullet time” state that activates when we start aiming makes it even better, allowing for nimble navigation.

Thankfully, dying has little consequence, as we’re simply reset to the beginning of the level.

As the relationships blossom and we progress through the levels, the game bumps up the difficulty to match the passion and drama that follows this cartoony trio. Each batch of levels even add new mechanics, from bounce pads and switch-activated barriers to gravity fields and moving enemies.

In addition to the 80 levels and 10 extremely challenging bonus levels, each completed level also unlocks additional challenges that increase the replayability. These include time targets, clearing a stage in as few moves as possible, and being chased by a ghost so we're forced to always be on the move.

Spitkiss costs $2.49 on Android and $1.99 on iOS. It’s one of those rare games that perfect both its story about modern love, and its core platformer gameplay – and that’s what makes it one of the most exciting games in the genre.


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Release date: 06 Nov, 2018
Last updated: 02 Aug, 2019
Game size: 120 MB