SUIT-UP is a unique mashup of a Match-3 strategic board-clearing game and traditional solitaire, with a bit of Yahtzee set-building where we try to fulfill requests for specific card sets through careful card placement.

Cards are played from our starting hand onto a 3x5 grid in an attempt to make vertical and horizontal sets of at least 3 cards that are either in numeric order, or all match in color.

In addition, we start with one job at a time that tasks us with creating a specific set of three cards within a limited number of turns. Very quickly, the number of active jobs increases while the number of turns to complete them decreases. If we're careful with our placement, we can score multiple sets at once, and set off incredibly rewarding cascades.

Card placement quickly gets more interesting as we earn stars that can be spent on upgrades in-between games. Increased hand sizes and longer deadlines for jobs are immediately helpful, but the most satisfying chain reactions come from upgrades that let us earn extra cards for clearing a column or allow us to clear all jobs with a 3-of-a-kind set. These lead to much longer runs that feel truly earned as they rely less on luck.

SUIT-UP monetizes via occasional ads that appear so infrequently that they don’t frustrate, and a $3.99 iAP to remove them entirely. None of the content, such as the three additional game modes, is locked behind a purchase.

SUIT-UP is a quick-to-learn card puzzler with a clean and easy-to-read art style that anyone looking for a bit of strategy in their solitaire can really sink their teeth into.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 05 Jun, 2021
Last updated: 03 Apr, 2023
Game size: 108 MB