The Infinite Black 2

The Infinite Black 2 is a space RTS MMO sequel that features lots of exciting PvP and PvE challenges and countless improvements in comparison to the original game.

We begin in a decent starter ship, which we use to complete a few introductory missions. Other players, trial-and-error, and an in-game wiki are our best sources of info, however. And once we’ve got the hang of things and have acquired a small fleet of ships to command, we can embark beyond the Sol system, which is where the real action is.

The overall objective is to fly around to collect resources, loot treasures, hunt aliens, improve our spaceship, and eventually take on other players in PvP.

Killing NPC ships is a great way to get valuable loot, and a “pity loot” system even guarantees a rare drop after enough kills. This system works well for novice and veteran players alike as the loot drops increase in rarity when killing higher level enemies.

Items we don’t need can be scrapped for credits or researched for crafting blueprints, and the best ones can even be sold via the player-to-player auction house.

The community is very active and there are tons of opportunities for PvP via guild warfare, simply exploring dangerous areas, and the many daily arena battles. Joining a guild is at the very heart of the The Infinity Black 2 experience, and it also provides a large stat boost.

The low-poly art style is alright. But this is a massive and complex game, so you have to live with lots of small but important UI elements.

The Infinite Black 2 monetizes via iAPs for “tech points” that can also easily be acquired through gameplay. These provide a pay-to-progress-faster advantage, but for a game genre typically bloated with heavy pay-to-win, this is definitely one of the fairer systems, and many of the top players are free-to-play.

Overall, it’s a must-try for any fan of space MMOs and RTS games.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


ANA,20 Feb, 2022

the BEST card game I've ever played. so many treasured memories, I've loved every second of it. Grab a friend and you can play this game for hours nonstop.

Tracie,01 Oct, 2021

Bear in mind, though all the expansions are locked at first, making an account in the game let's you play with all of them. Very addictive and fun game, but probably only really if you enjoy value-oriented and luck-manipulatioj tcg's and ccg's. Definitely takes a good long while to really understand how the game works and how to play it well.

Fran,19 Sep, 2020

Oh, Ascension... The game that initiated my love for board games. Back then I didn't expect deck builders to be so entertaining - now it is my favourite game mechanic. The only downside of this particular implementation is the lack of original Chronicles of the Godslayer illustrations, done by Eric Sabee. Many board gamers argue about them being ug-ly and profane, but I absolutely love their unpretentious simplistic beauty. They were present in the original game, but were removed after Asmodee took over... Oh, and the game became heavyweight and laggy. A lot of people were arguing about this as well... But at least it keeps receiving updates, which is cool, considering its venerable age.

Lilian,19 Sep, 2020

Great game! One of the best deck builders. Also, one of the few tabletop games which is actually better in its digital format.


Release date: 17 Oct, 2022
Game size: 537 MB