The Room Two

The Room 2 is an excellent sequel that takes the original concept of solving puzzle boxes and greatly expands on it. Now, each box is in a different environment, ranging from an ancient temple to a 19th-century seance, and we must use various objects from different parts of the room to escape. Essentially, the rooms themselves are now the puzzle boxes that need to be solved, and this broadens the concept considerably.

There is a short tutorial that explains the basics and welcomes new players, but most aspects will immediately feel familiar to those who have played the first game. For example, we still have an eyepiece that allows us to see marks and manipulate devices invisible to the naked eye, and mysterious messages left by someone known by the initials “AS” still slowly reveal the plot.

Although the environments are more varied, the puzzle boxes are still beautifully rendered and highly intricate. The controls are also excellent, which makes interacting with the various switches and buttons smooth and satisfying. Whether we’re simply sliding a bolt or guiding a marble down a complex maze, the controls are easy to use and everything feels intuitive.

As a fair warning, there are more horror elements than in the predecessor, but The Room 2 isn’t exactly scary – the horror-related images are merely there to intensify the creepy atmosphere.

The Room 2 is a $1.99 premium game with no ads or IAPs. There is a free hint system in case we get stuck, but almost all puzzles can be solved with a bit of logical thinking, which makes the game hard enough to be satisfying but easy enough to be enjoyed by anyone. Overall, it’s undoubtedly one of the best puzzles games on mobile.


  • Control

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  • Monetization


Myles,25 Jul, 2021

Lightweight fun game for short sessions. One of the few single-device multiplayer games that's nice to have around when waiting with a friend. Not a lot of depth, but enough to keep around.

Des,05 Jun, 2020

The game is pretty fun but I wouldn't compare it to smash. And the minireview may be a bit outdated because there is a 2.49 usd IAP to remove the ads. It's nothing super deep, you just swipe to sling your character into other characters with endless waves going as far as you can.


Release date: 13 Feb, 2014
Last updated: 15 Aug, 2022
Game size: 352 MB