Undawn is a massive open-world MMO survival shooter where we build our own base, collect resources to craft weapons, and slay thousands of zombies and bosses – either alone or via co-op.

After a very detailed character creation process and a relatively short tutorial, we’re thrown straight into the open world. Here, our primary objective is to survive, which involves finding food, water, and good gear so we can slay the zombies roaming the world.

Thankfully, we can craft our own gear and food from resources we collect in the open world. And completing missions for NPCs at town is a great way to earn additional rewards.

There are lots of survival parameters to take care of as well, such as hunger, thirst, and the cleanliness of our clothes - not to mention peeing, pooping, and washing our face. Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately, I found most of these parameters to be nothing but meaningless distractions. It adds immersion, but at the cost of fun gameplay.

Apart from surviving and customizing our own home, the game is full of single and multiplayer events, and daily activities to complete for XP and resources. In many ways, this is where the game shines. It’s essentially one large sandbox where we can do whatever we want.

The biggest downside is that you’ll find yourself spending more time gathering and crafting than actually slaying zombies. Additionally, the entire game feels somewhat rushed. The running animations aren’t smooth, the combat isn’t fluid, and the game lags even on flagship devices.

Undawn monetizes via iAPs for lots of cosmetics, items for our home, and crafting materials. Combined with the PvP that pits us against PC players, the PvP aspect isn’t exactly fair. You can still have some fun with the PvE as a free player, however.

Overall, the game shows potential, but it is more function than polish.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 12 Jun, 2023
Game size: 7770 MB