Unhappy Raccoon

Unhappy Raccoon is a fun roguelike hack-and-slash RPG with randomly generated worlds, highly customizable characters, and challenging bosses.

After picking our character and weapon, we select a difficulty and then teleport straight into a randomly generated overworld split into dungeon-like areas.

To unlock the next areas, we must first defeat every enemy using our standard attack, special attack, and dodge ability. And when we complete an area, we get to pick one of three random upgrades or abilities that last until we die – much like in the Vampire Survivor-like games. These upgrades create a deep level of customization and replayability.

Along the way, we also encounter shops that sell new helper pets, better equipment with distinct abilities, and stat upgrades. The boss rooms are rather challenging, but their attack patterns are predictable, which means practice makes perfect. Once defeated, the boss drops some premium currency, and we can teleport to the next layer.

Overall, combat is neat, and dodging is actually important for survival. We even deal extra damage when attacking enemies from behind.

The more we use the same hero, the more it's overall level increases, allowing us to unlock new permanent stat boosts. Between runs, we can also equip powerful “flares” that improve our stats or add effects like life steal.

The environment and enemies change in each dungeon layer, and I really enjoyed the bright and colorful art style used throughout. The game’s biggest downside is that it’s somewhat grindy and eventually gets stale.

Unhappy Raccoon monetizes via $2.99 iAPs to unlock the last two out of six heroes, and additional iAPs for skins and unique weapons that cannot be acquired any other way. Thankfully, these weapons aren’t necessarily stronger – they just have different pros and cons, and the game can easily be enjoyed as a free player.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Genesis,13 Aug, 2022

Absolutely amazing CCG that monetizes mostly through cosmetics (!?!?). I can't recommend this game enough

Cheyanne,27 Jun, 2022

This game is no longer easy for newcomers/f2p player. Why? It's because this game will force you to always grind because if dont grind enough, you'll loose (mostly) everytime you play against a player. That's because most cards nowdays are literally unbeatable for newcomers, so you must hard grinding to compete with the other player

Britney,23 May, 2022

Great CCG game. Great PVP card game with awesome pve content as well. Super player friendly, you don't really need to pay to buy packs to get cards. As long as you play enough to get your weekly chest to like level 10 or above (to get a free champion card), you should have enough cards and shards to craft a few meta decks after playing for a couple months. Arts and voice acting are top notch as well.

Shatiera,25 Nov, 2021

One of a Kind CCG I like CCGs but After playing it I have got bored but there's definitely some people who will love it for how great it is.

Reinia,08 Nov, 2021

Incredible game if you like card games. You are rewarded for your time and can almost always make the decks you want to play with minimal grinding. Very rewarding and in-depth gameplay.

Lynetta,12 Oct, 2021

Absolutely amazing. The monetization system is perfect. The gameplay is enjoyable. Beautiful visual effects and responsible devs with frequent balance updates and new expansions. A must play for any card game lover

Janna,30 Jul, 2021

I've played a lot of mobile CCGs through the years; Hearthstone, Gwent, Eternal, and MTGA all come to mind offhand. Runeterra is better than all of them. It's much more generous for F2P players and has very interactive mechanics that keep gameplay engaging. Plus there's plenty of game modes versus the AI as well. Strongly recommend!

samari,24 Jul, 2021

Been playing since release and it's easily one of the best mobile games. Lots of content updates including cards, modes and features. F2P friendly, though it takes time to build a collection. Currently some bugs but nothing too major

Tequila,20 Jun, 2021

The best CCG! Playing every day since release, 100% cards without any purchase! Just amazing game!

Patreena,22 Apr, 2021

Well executed take on the CCG genre. The game is very polished. The devs have taken a healthy approach to card releases, new formats and has a transparent roadmap for the future of the game. Riot has delivered the most F2P game of its kind on the market.

charla,21 Mar, 2021

Best ccg on mobile and arguably any platform. F2P friendly. 100% recommend

Shayla,23 Feb, 2021

100% F2P, purely skill based CCG. The monetization is fantastic. You can easily get all cards required for a deck with just 1-2 hrs played per day. Would definitely recommend

Tangela,23 Jan, 2021

A truly FtP CCG that is even cross play compatible.

Tatiana,14 Jan, 2021

The best game on the store, and i was never even a fan of card games before. Get this game

Lenieyn,19 Dec, 2020

Very easy to craft great decks while being f2p


Release date: 07 Oct, 2022
Game size: 539 MB