Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)

Vendetta Online is the mobile port of an old-school action-packed 3D space MMORPG.

We begin our journey as a new pilot in one of two main factions that are at war with each other. Completing missions is the primary way to gain significant experience and increase our different types of licenses. There are combat, light, and heavy weapon licenses, but also merchant and mining licenses – all of which must be improved to gain access to better missions, superior ships, and stronger equipment.

As we progress, we can even gain favor among other factions and corporations by completing missions at their space stations.

Our starter ship gets us going with the basics of ship combat, trading, and mining, which we get acquainted with via helpful tutorials and informative introductory missions. After that, we’re on our own and can start truly exploring and enjoying the large persistent universe.

There are plenty of guilds to join, events to partake in for some awesome rewards, and massive space battles that we can choose to enter.

Vendetta Online performs well on mobile, but learning to properly control our ship takes a lot of practice. Since it’s a "twitch"-shooter, we also need high precision and quick reflexes if we want to truly succeed in the combat aspects of the game. Thankfully, we have many settings to help us with that.

Vendetta Online monetizes via iAPs that are not at all necessary to enjoy the game. It also features two subscriptions, one at $0.99 per month and another at $9.99. The cheap one is a good purchase, as it gives access to larger ships. The expensive subscription adds extra features, but I didn’t run into any major restrictions with the cheap sub. All things considered, it’s an inexpensive price for a space MMORPG with almost endless content.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 03 Mar, 2011
Last updated: 21 May, 2023
Game size: 514 MB