Volzerk is a gorgeous monster-catching aRPG where we explore a beautiful world while completing quests, catching Mou-Mons, and unraveling the story behind the native monsters’ sudden hostility. Oh, and did I mention it isn’t a gacha game?...

Volzerk’s gameplay consists of completing mainline story quests that typically ask us to collect items or eliminate a specific big bad, and then expeditions where we’re allowed to freely explore the surrounding area to defeat monsters and collect loot.

The expeditions are where the game really shines, as we can fight monsters freely roaming the area. There are over 450 monsters to collect, and we can even cross-breed them to create unique and stronger versions.

A major downside to the game is that access to later-generation cross-breeding is locked behind certain story missions. This makes a significant portion of the early game feel very stale and discourages us from catching additional monsters.

Thankfully, the real-time combat is quite engaging as looking for openings and attacking enemy weak spots is important. This keeps the gameplay fresh and ensures we stay on our toes when facing new foes.

The touch controls work decently well, but the game also features controller support, which makes attacking and dodging feel more responsive.

There’s no PvP content, as it’s a completely single-player PvE game.

Volzerk monetizes via one-time DLC iAPs for stronger characters that, unfortunately, cannot be unlocked via in-game currencies. Thankfully, all the story missions can easily be completed as a free player, and there is no energy system or similar heavy monetization strategies.

NOTE: On three separate occasions, a loading bug caused us to get stuck on the loading screen. We had to close the game entirely to fix this. Luckily, no story progress was lost.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 27 Feb, 2023
Last updated: 28 Feb, 2023
Game size: 550 MB