Wild Castle: Tower Defense TD

Wild Castle is a simplified tower defense game where monsters storm our castle wall head on and our mages and warriors have to defend it.

Since we don’t have to strategically position towers on a map, the game is less complex than most tower defense games. With that said, there are a ton of heroes and upgrades, and many different monetary systems connected to these.

There are also towers, weapons, and multiple interactions and synergies between the various heroes. The options are almost unlimited, and we can play the game any way we want.

Clicking a large “battle” button launches a new round with waves of enemies rushing at us. Our heroes and towers attack automatically while we simply tap trigger our heroes’ abilities. There is an unlimited number of these rounds, so things quickly get very repetitive.

In the main game, we gain gold simply by keeping the game open, so all we need to do to complete any level is just wait for enough gold and upgrades. This almost makes it a non-game and reveals that it’s more of an enjoyable semi-idle experience than a full-blown tower defense game.

The game also features timed events, but I tried one of these and made sure to play as much as possible, which ultimately led me to collect about half the points needed to gain a new hero. This shows how extremely heavy the pay-to-win is in these events.

Wild Castle monetizes via incentivized ads for gold, and iAPs for basically everything you might want. On the bright side, just keeping the game open gives us everything we need, so there isn’t much reason to spend on the game.

Ultimately, it's a decently fun semi-idle experience for people who can ignore the monetization and just need a mindless time-waster that can be enjoyed for 10-20 hours before getting too repetitive.


  • Control

  • Art Style

  • Gameplay

  • Monetization


Release date: 30 Jan, 2020
Last updated: 27 Jun, 2023
Game size: 313 MB